Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Peripheral Shine

I cannot count the facets of the dominant diamond; this bracelet has too many stones,

which are the real, where are the fake ones?

I cannot control the colours, I struggle

-the shroud-

The light around submerges into this dimension and engulfs my oxygen

-the gnome-

I forget the linearity of the rainbow.

Is this particular shine malfunctioning?

Does darkness interfere?

The bracelet tightens around the wrist.

Twenty-five deep slashes of my flesh, will they flash me out?

I cannot count the facets of the whole, my eyes are ravened,

the pain indorses,

where’s the neck?

where’s the body?

Shouldn’t this hungry paleness of the skin absorb the glorious periphery of danger?

Diamonds should be worthier for fewer facets.

-I would say-


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