Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Διακρίσεις και στη Λογοτεχνία

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Sea of Words Literary Contest

The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) and Institut Europeu de la Mediterrània (IEMed) have the pleasure to announce the launch of the Second Edition of the Sea of Words Literary Competition.

We encourage the production of short stories that portray the different realities of the Euro-Mediterranean region from the point of view of the young people who live there, through the organisation of a Euro-Med short story competition.

This year, the theme is restoring trust, dialogue and reconciliation in situations of crisis and conflicts in line with the objectives of the Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges Initiative launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation in collaboration with the Alliance of Civilizations. Applicants must be under 30 years of age and residents in one of the forty three countries of the Union for the Mediterranean , and write in one of the languages of the countries of the Union for the Mediterranean .

The short-stories should be submitted by e-mail before midnight (Spain Local Time) 20 June 2009.
For more information, please visit the competition website. For further queries, please write to:

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Thank you for your involvement.

Kind regards,

Anna Lindh Foundation Secretariat


Και η Απάντησή μου:

Dear Sirs,
why ever did you send this e-mail to me?
I am 35 years old. I am not young enough for the sea of words competition.
And I know that you have sent it to many other writers who are over 30.
I consider the age limit for a writing competition a form of discrimination and, therefore, a discrace.
You should've at least taken enough care to have sent this e-mail only to writers under 30 so that you wouldn't cause the frustration you have caused to me and to all the other writers who are over 30 and have received this e-mail.
We have respect for your foundation, so don't waste it over promotion rules.
And, trust me, I speak not for my self only, I have discussed this issue with fellow writers here in Cyprus with whom I participate in several writing workshops, retreats etc, and they all have the same problem.
Literature should go beyond limits of colour, origin, age and any other distinction of human groups.
If I were disabled, would you send me an invitation for the high jump event in the Olympics? You wouldn't.
Thank you for listening to my complaint.

With Respect,
Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis

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