Sunday, October 25, 2009

Skin of bear after a lion feast

‘have all the lions left dear?’
‘Yes, they have indeed, but how can you tell from the well?’
‘well, if you came down here you would see how strongly I hear their paws!’
‘as if there is some kind of subsoil device?’
‘not even close my pumpkin, it is as is they are actually here underground!’
‘then it is fortunate I didn’t fall from the start and I stayed up here hidden behind the tree and I watched from really close the entire feast.’
‘did you see how they bite? Did you see how they crack bone? Which tooth?’
‘hell yes, it was brutal, repulsive like the movies you bring to watch, I saw it all with both eyes, but did you?’
‘I wonder why you ask, how can you forget every three minutes that I have been down here in the well all along? But to answer exactly what you are asking, yes I did. I saw the feast with my ears and I heard every sound with my eyes, every bone crack, every roam of fight between them. And the bear…’
‘did you hear the bear how it fought as well, did you hear its panic and anger between the mahogany limping and the slashing of skin?’
‘I think I heard her struggle from beginning to end, but did it suffer too much?’
‘yes, indeed, it was a loss for the forest, this creature, the skin, fur so bright. It was, it was a fight, but the beast finally lost’
‘did the group leave something behind?’
‘yes, you remembered! Yes, her skin is intact!’
‘Could you go anywhere near the skin of the bear, this skin is what we are here after all’
‘yes, ok, but do tell me my dear, from down there, can you hear my footsteps, can you hear my breath? Do you hear any difference? A change on me, perhaps?’
‘yes, my love, I finally do see a change on you. I hear it as id everything about you is way heavier than ever before. But the sound of the paws of the lions leaving is even stronger now, what’s this?’
‘So, you see? I have changed. I am heavier dear, I am twenty kilos heavier and two feet taller than what you remember before you fell in the well’
‘You don’t say about the lions, hide, if they are coming to you hide, or jump down here. And what was the last thing you said? How exactly is that, how can a person grow heavier and taller after watching some lions taking down a bear? And I say, the sound of the lions is so strong it makes my ears bleed’
‘No. I am not coming down. I thought I should leave you to figure it out by yourself, but I guess to tell you won’t change a thing anymore, and it will give me the pleasure of giving the bad news myself.’
‘Bad news, eh? And pleasure. What is it honey? What have I missed?’
‘Well, it goes like this. First I wear the bear’s skin, and second I have opened a hole for the Roman catacombs form the west, and what your actually hear is not paws on the soil. The lions are themselves down there; it is claws on Pentelic marble, my dearest love’

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