Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lethal Love

I’d give my life for you had it been a need.

You know I’d spare my organs

I’d share my breathing,

For you to live a day more than me.

Adonis, Ofelia, Juliette, Herotocritus,

All lovers gone without love,

How can I stay? How can you ask me to go second?

Why, how, when did you set this loving heroism,

All history of love on my shoulders,

This is not your burden

So don’t turn the car leftwards

Turn it to my side.

I say the cigarette you’re holding

doesn’t make much smoke today.

In dismay I see all my dreams in indigo reflections from your bland eyes,

I see all my roads driven on your sweet cheek grinning lines.

Why are you smiling on this last second before the end?

I really don’t care if I go as long as you stay.

And I really don’t care if I go

as long as you promise you don’t feel the same.

[You should not feel the same]

You are not allowed to give your life for me,

You have no right,

For then my will for your eternal life is void.

Turn your steering wheel to my side, I am going first.

I’m getting down here, sir.

And I’m gonna shout the truth to you

‘Cause I can’t whisper it to your ears.

‘Cause I have to howl my weakness,

My dependence to your true fears.

You should have dropped me off when I told you,

-Or better-

You should have never picked me up in the first place,

I told you about my curse,

That I carry lethal love inside my veins,

Lover after lover they were all gone,

I wanted to go before you,

-Somehow I would have managed-

But you wanted this burden on your shoulders,

You wanted to go against all odds,

And now on this last second

The wall.

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