Wednesday, November 06, 2013

love with benefits

It all starts with a look in the mirror on Monday.

He looks at his crotch and wants it to grow

She looks at her nipples and wants them wetted.

They head for the bedroom at ten o’ clock when all children die.


It then continues with a look at each other.

He looks at her breast and remembers mama,

she looks at his penis and forgets everything.

All the shouting all the beating of the weekend

cradle together with the anticipating sperm soup  

in a single vein of lust that pulsates flaming blood along the body

mind – heart - testicles.

It is the blood that is conserved

in a special place in the heart for such occasions

this dirty red quantity that everybody calls love,

but he and she both know

it is the only connection they have left.

So they nourish it with saliva and sweat,

ready to exchange it by induction.


It so continues with some passionate kisses and licks and swallows

- top to bottom and vice versa -

The man suddenly licks and bites more vigorously as he tries to penetrate.

Woman says, “I love the smell of pain on my skin when it's inflicted by you.”

Man simultaneously feels and thinks through both bloody heads,

so sad, yet so overwhelmingly, so irresistibly sexy,

“I want you inside now!”

Woman says, “it is I who should have said that, but it’s ok, we can change roles, if that is what you like. Say ‘I want your inside now’ or, ‘I want inside you now’ and you get your ticket. You might get two if you say it loud and clear.”

As man slaps her violently thinking with only the upper head,

this is no linguistic war but a sex battle,

and also knowing now why he fucks her so strongly every single time,

all that nourished blood accumulates in the veins and pores of his hard spoon

and he is ready for the juices to spout.

She is ready with her juices too, softening the ferocious entry.

- woman breathes loudly -

- man exhales heavily -

then their brains explode and die for some seconds

for their offspring to prevail

and they give way to the wild homerun

as they savour all the pleasure of the Physis in one act.

- he lights a cigarette to accompany and smoke away his pride’s de-hardening -

- she checks if her nipples are wet and sleeps with a wide smile drawn on her pussy -

His monster is no longer inflated,

the tasty air has gone back to his empty heart.


He will be beating her up

until her next submission,

right after he looks at his crotch in the mirror

the same Monday she seeks that one last pain she likes so much

every time she dies

from his yellow, Japanese  arms.  


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