Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A-L Far Love

Another area, along, above, across
asphyxiating alluvium around an aviating alcove.
Alertness, avowed archers arriving.

But be brave, believe.
Boiling bog, blasted black bubbles buried beneath bestowed bladders,
beyond barriers,
behold, be loved!
Be back briefly, babe!

Corruption carried cannot create crimes,
conclude, collide, cut care, cure crises!
Cooperate, correct,
can candles cry?

Do daisies die, don’t doctors drive?
Dawn daughters, dig down disgrace, drill danger, deny!

Ever embraced, except erased, exhale,
errors ended everything, excluding eyes!

Forgetting fears fight!
Forcing ferocity, felling, founding fair,
forth follow fights.

Go gigantic, gain ground, give, guide!
Governments’ grave grassing, grayish goblets grieve golden glides.

Holes hallucinated heal hearts,
how higher,
how hatred
how hotter, how he?

Instants in islands include isolation inside instinct
Insert it,
isn’t illusion irony inside innocent ice?

Justified jungle just jargons, joy’s just joined July.

Knights know, knives knock,
keyed kisses kick knees
kinky king’s kidneys keep knowledge kind,
knowledge knots

Love, love, love!
Longer live lies,
Love, love, love!
Lust lies lower, lungs lubricate life,
love, love, love,
least longer live lies.

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