Saturday, May 11, 2013

Prayer: Oh Sacred English Thought

Prayer: Oh Sacred English Thought (re-posted during exam periods)

Oh sacred thought of English

in this time of exam worry come forth to visit

Come to ignite exhilaration to my injured spirit

Come to de-misery all this false alignment of fear of falling

For I really believe in your existence

And I truly envision myself enveloped in Wisdom Glory

Oh sacred thought of English

Bring forth your persistence as much as I now need it

In this time of uncertainty you are all I have to beat it

A memory of years and years’ learning

The teachers’ voices and their Advice burning

The texts, the exercises, the multiple choice could all echo in my head

If only your Holiness gave a push and were reborn from my forehead

Born again, born anew.

O holy English Knowledge you come with any name

Dressed up in Saxon vowels and stitched in solid consonants

Garmented in a fleshy syntax of Noun-Verb-Object frequency

So that I remember what I have forgotten and besieged

In years and years’ carelessness, effortlessness and juvenile delinquency I now regret.

Oh how much my temptation builds up in all this inglorious stress

To just let go and be engulfed inside my gamer forever

To go outside and run free in the fields with friends who do not care

But you whisper to me so welcomingly

That all carefreeness could be summed up on a day after tomorrow

Because the day of tomorrow requests from me things different

Deeper thoughts, philosophy and judgment

Fluency, argumentation and accent.

These are the values and techniques I need from you

Oh sacred English Wisdom inside my hippocampus carried unseen

Rise! Unveil in this basket I offer thee

All the vocabulary I have ever spoken, read, heard or seen

For it belongs to my mouth, my ears and my hands

These are my tools, these are my weapons, and these are my golden guns

For tomorrow in these Devilishly Demanding Tests

Only you may load the silver bullets up for me, oh Sacred English Thought.

For I will shoot with all my might from first page to the last.

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