Friday, August 23, 2013

The Unlockable Heart

Your heart is a Morpheus Dilemma
pumping and pumping and heating life.
It is as if a thousand doors have been opened around it
to let everybody in
-and out-
Your heart is unlockable
and even if you wanted to
the keys are walled in oblivion fortresses
to defend everybody who dares
who dares, indeed, to ask for a real smile from you
to crave a real kiss.
Oh, you give so many my dear, in the thousands,
to everybody,
every moment,
but all these kisses and smiles and hugs,
hiss through the wide-open doors.
Because your heart is unlockable
and I stand before you all these years
thinking I am the one
but I am in the middle of an eternal queue of men waiting.
I am sure once you waited too, in another queue.


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