Friday, March 20, 2009

Ekatolexon – Where Spiders Breed

Red parrots are black widows in disguise. “Did you watch that dream last night?” Nelly did, she said I should rent it myself from the ‘Eternity’ shop. She said I had to take my Id there but I had given it in for a personal storm cloud. They sell those in the ‘Maternity’ shop. Did I mention the dream played songs by three talented Zulus, all killed in different accidents from flat tires crossing ‘Casablanca’ streets? I thought she was joking, but then her father with a bouquet kissed me on the shoulder, where my beloved spiders used to breed.

ekatolexon - Avocado Cat

The cat called her mum for food again. “miaou” It woke me up late afternoon, just before the alarm rang. A hat flew from the window and cut an avocado from the branch my fridge had been growing. “Hiss” said the avocado like a cobra as it dove but I was not convinced. Then it fell on the cat’s head but I didn’t see it die. I only heard this euphemism in the mother’s loud, jolly laughter. After all the mess, the alarm clock blew off the window to my aunt’s house, where she kept the rest of the tree.

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