Friday, October 01, 2010

Comments on my Psychotic Life (a) love and diet

10 % of the fat I take

is the percentage of love that you give

33% of the time I spend on my long-gone abs

could have been passion aimed to you

And they all shout at me:

“Hydrate now”

“Buy this heating cream for your sake”

And they all shout at me:

“Anti-cellulite jell”

“Never forget the hypo allergic nylon around your waist”

35% of the carbohydrates in my food

Come from the tears the seasons shed at moments like these,

Over a white plate full of multivitamins,

It could have been a solution to you, too

And a voice very similar to my doctor’s whispers to my ear

“It’s exercise you need”

“Go write your name on a gym door”

And a voice high-pitched like mum’s calls

“I’ll buy you the trainers, don’t worry dear”

And a deep voice like dad’s assures

“I’ll buy you the socks”

Almost all protein I take

comes from eggs, beans, nuts and saliva from your kiss

but an ovo-lacto vegetarian like me

should think twice with all this intolerance to milk

And then you turn your head to face me

After years of pc and tv disguised denial

“I am not hungry tonight, let us not eat”

And I think “at last, that should be the missing link to my diet”

But unfortunately, sadly, conquered I whisper

with a mixed sound of all the voices that have ever advised me

“Why, love, come on, I’ll get us something to eat”.


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